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rEvovle is a new rigid head-strap for the Vive that rests the weight of the headset on the user's forehead and then provides a flip up display, perfectly centered weight distribution, and more! The rEvolve does all this by simply replacing your current Vive straps. 

  • Centered Weight Distribution
  • Flip Up Display
  • Single Grip Fit
  • Increased Field of View
  • Easy Access Headphones


It is the all in one: charging station, kickstand, Bluetooth headset carrying, cell phone grip enhancing, mobile multimedia dream machine that attaches to your phone.

Never worry again about:

  • Charging a Bluetooth headset
  • Remembering to bring a Bluetooth headset with you
  • Propping up your phone
  • Dropping your phone


By simply replacing your current One Wheel bumpers with the Glider you will be able to grab a handle and roll your One Wheel once you have reached your destination.

  • Smooth rolling
  • Easy install
  • Free standing
  • Anti-catapult defense
  • Locking handle
  • Wood Accents

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Our team is comprised of industry leading professionals that have worked for or with top Fortune 100 companies including General Electric, Procter and Gamble, American Express, Walmart, Target, Google, and more.