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vrfocus- The Best HTC Vive Accessories That Are Weird And Wonderful

Now this item actually appeared on VRFocus recently. The work of SynergyWiz, it originally appeared on Kickstarter achieving funding success. It’s inclusion here comes in two parts. First off, you can buy the headstrap – which features a handy hinged front…


The VERGE- The rEvolve Strap is a janky way to make the HTC Vive better

The rEvolve is a replacement strap for the Vive that basically does three things: makes it more comfortable and easier to use, improves the field of view, and lets you flip it up without taking the whole thing off your head. It’s very obviously 3D-printed — if you asked me to describe the fit or finish it wouldn’t come off well in either regard.


TESTED- Reviews the rEvolve

...spotlight on the rEvolve accessory prototype for the HTC Vive...


Road to VR- ‘rEvolve’ Vive Flip-Up Head-Mount is Nearing Six Times its Kickstarter Goal

The third-party head-mount for the HTC Vive from SynergyWiz quickly reached its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter, and is now approaching 6x the required amount. The rEvolve is designed to improve comfort and adds a visor-flip function.


TAMPA BAY NEWSWIRE- SynergyWiz Launches “rEvolve”

...rEvolve is a rigid head strap that easily replaces the current straps on the Vive. It takes the weight of the Vive off the user’s face and rests it gently on the user’s forehead. It achieves a perfectly centered balance to the headset by shifting almost all the weight of the rEvolve towards the back of the head. This provides a magical feeling of a weightless screen hovering right in front of the user’s face.

...rEvolve adds additional features not seen in consumer VR headsets to date. Most notably among them is rEvolve’s flip up display that allows the Vive to be flipped up at a moment’s notice, revealing the real world without the user having to remove the headset. Other notable features of rEvolve include headphones that now sit just outside the user’s ears and thinner padding around the eyes that increase the user’s field of view.


business observer- Stand Up

...The 31-year-old is now navigating the world of bringing an invention to market, and it hasn’t been easy. In addition to his day job in the rapid prototyping division at American Express in St. Petersburg, Toner is dedicating six hours a day to his invention company, SynergyWiz. “It’s a labor of love. It’s what I enjoy doing,” he says... 


TAMPA BAY NEWSWIRE- SynergyWiz Launches “The StandN”

With the launch of its Prefundia page, and the product release announcement made by the Founder of SynergyWiz, John Toner, momentum is building for SynergyWiz’s latest innovation, called “The StandN”, the ultimate cell phone accessory.

The design goals of the StandN are to empower users to always have a charged Bluetooth headset with them at all times, never have to worry about losing grip of their phone, and be able to enjoy media hands free with personal audio. The result is...


CBS 10 NEWS-Startups find support in St. Pete 

Today local inventor John Toner pitched his idea for his new Bluetooth earpiece The StandN. Toner says the device is always ready because it charges with your smartphone, and it also is also a kickstand.

Toner said, “We are a new company. We are just trying to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible. We mostly try keep our mistakes at a minimum, so if...