What are people saying about the glider?

“We love our Glider 2.0s... We’ve been riding a lot lately, and both my wife and I had separate occurrences when our boards nosedived and we were able to ride it out and recover because of these Gliders (versus being catapulted forward at a dead stop). Great stuff & awesome customer service!!!!” - Mike A.

“Just wanted to shoot you guys a message to say thanks for creating the Glider. It’s saved me on 3 potential nosedives over the last week alone. Really appreciate it!” - Richie W.

“I love the front wheels!!! They have saved by butt a dozen times on some steep sidewalks, driveways, and grassy hills. If not for your wheels, the nose would have dug-in and I would have been face first on the ground… the front wheels are worth every penny. Thanks again!!!” - Daniel B.