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Shorty Handle

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Shorty Handle (for Onewheel+ and XR Only) - Loyalty Discount
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Not comfortable riding backwards with the standard Glider handle? No problem! We’ve created the Shorty Handle just for you! The Shorty Handle is shorter in length, allowing it to be installed on the battery side (back side) of the Onewheel, which means you will be able to install the wheels on the front side and will not need to ride “backwards.”

Please Note: Because the Shorty Handle is shorter and installs on the back side of the Onewheel, it does sacrifice some of the Glider’s other features. 1) A shorter handle may not work for taller riders. 2) With the handle on on the back side, the Onewheel will not be able to freestand because the battery will make it too top heavy to balance properly. 3) The Onewheel will be heavier to carry/roll because you will be pulling from the heavy battery side.

Colors Available: Black, Blue, and Red

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