The Podpack launch is coming soon!

The Podpack is a wireless charging case for your Airpods that allows you to have your fully charged Airpods available when you want them and forget about them when you don’t. It does this by clipping itself, with your AirPods in tow, to the back of your phone on a thin adhesive tab.

The Podpack is no freeloader while attached. It pulls its weight as a kickstand and a grip for your phone, providing the next level of convenience in a small package. 

How To Install The Podpack


Step 1: Stick the Podpack Tab to your phone or case.


Step 2: Slide the Podpack onto its Tab until it clicks into place.


Step 3: There is no Step 3! Simply enjoy the kickstand on your phone.


Feel secure with the best phone grip you have ever used.


Never worry about where you placed your Airpod case.

Step6- prod.jpg

Unlock to wirelessly charge with the push of a button.

Podpack Features

Learn how the Podpack is revolutionizing mobile experiences:

Omnipresent Airpods

With your AirPods attached to the back of your phone, you will always have them when your phone rings, when a beat hits you, or when you are ready to watch your favorite show.


The Podpack’s patent pending kickstand allows your fingers to comfortably slip through so that you can easily reach any part of the screen with a single hand.


Have a personal media center in your pocket. The Podpack’s kickstand ensures a comfortable hands-free viewing experience, while your Airpods provide clear audio anywhere, anytime.


Your Podpack, Your Style

We want your Podpack to match your personal style and attitude. That is why the Podpack is available in both Pure White and Bold Black.

ChargeS on the back of your phone*

The Podpack case can charge using the wireless power sharing feature found in newer phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the rumored next generation iPhone.

*Must have compatible phone with Qi wireless power sharing.


With the built-in Qi wireless charger, charging the Podpack is as easy as setting it down on any Qi-certified charging mat. Of course, we include a brand new Qi charging mat with every Podpack because we like you.


Made for your pocket

The Podpack is shorter and thinner than a standard Airpod case, featuring curved edges all around. It’s designed to easily glide in and out of your pocket when attached to your phone.


Magnetic locking Spring Loaded Kickstand

The Podpack’s innovative kickstand serves three purposes. It holds the Airpods in place, it acts as a kickstand for your phone, and it grips your fingers better than any socket could ever dream of.

The kickstand does all of this with a satisfying spring-driven flip open. Once opened, the top rotates and magnetically locks into each position.


stick on the fun

Each Podpack comes with 3 Podpack Tabs, so you can attach one to your phone, one to your favorite case, and still have another for your tablet!

If you need more, packs of Podpack Tabs will be available in both Pure White and Bold Black finishes.


Clip your Airpods to your phone.

Stick the ultra thin Podpack Tab to the back of your phone or case, and simply slide the Podpack on whenever you want to have amazing wireless audio with your AirPods, a kickstand, and a better grip on your phone. So in other words, ALWAYS! You will always want to have the Podpack on your phone.

When it is time to charge the Podpack, just push the button under the kickstand, and the Podpack instantly releases and slides off.


Hands-free wireless audio meets hands-free viewing.

The synergy between wireless personal audio and a kickstand on your phone is a convenience you won’t know how you lived without. Watching your favorite shows and Facetiming your friends has never been easier.

Thanks to the Podpack’s spring loaded magnetic locking kickstand, you can view your phone at two different angles in landscape mode, as well as in portrait mode.


Experience an effortless grip every day.

The Podpack was designed with ergonomics as the #1 priority. It’s patent pending kickstand swivels to form the perfect grip for your fingers to slip into, empowering you to text with one hand, take better photos, and stop worrying about dropping your phone.


Taking charge of your charging.

The Podpack wirelessly charges on any Qi wireless charging mat, or on the back of any compatible power sharing phone.

Don’t worry about the Podpack draining your phone’s battery. On most phones the Podpack would take less than 10% of the phone’s battery, even if you charged the Podpack from 0% to 100% all via your phone.

The Podpack’s battery still carries a punch though! It delivers multiple full charges to both Airpods before needing to be recharged itself.


Which finish is right for you?

Whether you want Pure White or Bold Black, there is no wrong choice. Every person is different and style is personal, so choose the Podpack that matches you.

The Podpack launch is coming soon!

Podpack FAQs

What’s in the box?

Every Podpack comes with:

  • 1x Podpack

  • 1x Qi Wireless Charging Pad

  • 3x Podpack Tabs

Installing the Podpack


Podpack Specs


Compatible Power Sharing Phones

All phones are compatible with the Podpack. Below are the phones that have the power sharing feature that allows the Podpack to charge on the back of the phone itself.


  • Galaxy Fold

  • Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, S10 5G

  • Galaxy S7, S8/S8+, S9/S9+, Note8, Note9


  • Mate 20 Pro

  • P30 Pro


  • (rumored) Next Generation iPhone

The Podpack launch is coming soon!