The magic of the StandN allows you to experience personal wireless audio without ever having to think about charging a headset or bringing one with you. This, combined with the built in kickstand, provides the next level of convenience in mobile media, unparalleled in the market today.

The StandN achieves this by attaching the headset charging cradle to the back of the phone itself, allowing the headset to charge at the same time as the phone via a single input. This way, the headset is always charged and ready when you need it, and out of sight and mind when you don't.

Additionally, the StandN provides a myriad of additional value, like the ability to add wireless charging to a phone that didn't have it previously, as well as the kickstand's ability to help your hold your phone.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Learn how the StandN is revolutionizing mobile with:


Omnipresent Bluetooth Headset

Have a fully charged wireless headset wherever you are, whenever you want it, without ever having to think about it.



Simply attach the included additional earpiece to enjoy stereo sound with your favorite media. The StandN is truly a no-compromise solution. 


Single-input vertical dual charging

Charge your phone and wireless headset at the same time by plugging in one port! This means NEVER having think about charging your Bluetooth headset again.


With the patent pending Archgrip kickstand you will never have to worry about dropping your phone again. The unique kickstand design allows you to reach any part of the screen with a single hand, even on the largest of smart phones. 


Have a personal media center in your pocket. The locking kickstand ensures a comfortable hands-free experience, while the built-in Bluetooth headset provides clear audio anywhere, anytime.


With the built in Qi wireless charger, the StandN automatically adds wireless charging to your device. That means a fully charged phone and a fully charged headset everyday without ever plugging anything in!