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FLEXCLIP VS The Competition

Learn how the FLEXCLIP stacks up against the competition of Apple’s MagSafe, ZAGG’s Mophie Juice Pack Connect, and Popsocket’s AirPod Holder.

The world of mobile accessories is one that is fast paced and constantly evolving alongside technology trends, and 2020 has been no exception. This year multiple adhesive attachment accessories designed to be connected to the back of your phone (similar to already existing grips, rings, and kickstands) were released. However, as technology has progressed, many of these new accessories now allow for wireless power transfer, and even reverse wireless power transfer between devices in some cases, taking “back of the phone attachment” to a new level. The FLEXCLIP is one of these new and impressive products. It’s an ultra-thin (2.4mm), two-piece clip that attaches to any smooth, clean surface via adhesive, and is designed to snap together, thus attaching any two items. For example, with the FLEXCLIP Base attached to your phone and the FLEXCLIP Tab attached to your wireless earbuds case, you can attach your earbuds to the back of your phone… which means you’ll never lose them again, and if you have a compatible phone, you can wirelessly charge your earbuds from your phone while still using it. Similarly, you can attach a wireless power bank and give your phone some extra juice without having to sit and wait for a charge. You can even attach to a wireless charger to keep your phone secure on the charge pad while you use your phone, amongst a multitude of other possible uses. While the FLEXCLIP’s revolutionary versatility is ripe for integration within the mobile accessories landscape, it does already have some competition from Apple’s MagSafe Accessories, Zagg’s Mophie Juice Pack Connect, and PopSocket’s PopGrip AirPods Holder. However, the FLEXCLIP’s advantages significantly outweigh any presented by the competition, and here’s why. 


Starting with Apple’s recently released MagSafe feature on the new iPhone 12… it’s safe to say there has been a lot of buzz about this feature in anticipation of its release. However, reviews have fallen short, and with Apple’s hefty price tag, it begs the question, “is it worth it?” MagSafe is a new category of magnetized accessories from Apple that allow compatible attachments to connect to the back of the iPhone 12 via magnets that are built into the phone itself. The MagSafe feature is currently only available on the newest version of iPhone, as well as two compatible accessories, the MagSafe Charger which retails for $39 and the MagSafe Wallet which retails for $59. Consequently, to utilize the feature, you’ll have to shell out $699+ for the iPhone 12 plus the cost of the accessories you choose to use (which are limited at best). The FLEXCLIP, on the other hand, accomplishes the same connection goal, however, it does so via a simple adhesive plastic clip, and therefore is compatible with all phones and can be attached to any wireless charger, power bank, or wallet of your choice. It retails for only $14.95. Aside from the obvious price difference and limited selection of MagSafe compatible accessories, some of the more prominent and widely discussed drawbacks of the MagSafe feature include a weak magnetic connection allowing accessories to easily disengage (which creates the unfortunate possibility that the user could potentially lose their attached wallet and the valuable personal information contained therein), physical damage to the outside of the phone due to the abrasive magnetic connection, and the built-in magnets interfering with magnetic credit cards / cards with magnetic strips that are housed within the MagSafe wallet. The FLEXCLIP’s click and lock design provides a more secure connection for your accessories, the adhesive (while stronger than a magnetic connection) is easily removable if desired and will not cause damage your phone, and the product is simply made of plastic with no magnets to affect the cards in your wallet. Not to mention, the FLEXCLIP can be used with a plethora of accessories other than the two offered up by Apple (wireless earbuds, power banks, grips, kickstands, vapes, car mounts, etc.), and with a total thickness of only 2.4 mm, not only does it allow for wireless charging, but also reverse wireless charging between compatible devices. Overall, the FLEXCLIP provides a more versatile, more stable, more cost effective alternative to Apple’s MagSafe. 


Another product competing for shelf space next to the FLEXCLIP is Zagg’s Mophie Juice Pack Connect, a removable wireless power bank that charges compatible phones by connecting to an adhesive anchor affixed to the back of the phone. This product functions similarly to the FLEXCLIP in that an adhesive piece is attached to the back of your phone to which an outside accessory connects. Also like the FLEXCLIP, it is compatible with all phones and allows for wireless power transfer. However, there are some major differences between the two products when it comes to versatility and price point. The Mophie Juice Pack Connect only functions as a wireless power bank, and its anchor (which when not in use can also function as a kickstand or grip) connects exclusively to its paired power bank attachment. This significantly limits the usable real estate on the back of your phone, and virtually guarantees that the Mophie Juice Pack Connect is the only accessory you’ll be utilizing. In order to use any other accessory, you would need to remove the adhesive anchor, which is not designed to be adjustable. In comparison, the FLEXCLIP functions as a wide variety of accessories. Not only can you interchangeably connect ANY wireless power bank, grip, or kickstand of your choice, but you can also attach wireless chargers, wireless earbuds, vapes, car mounts, wallets, clutch purses, or any other accessory to which the adhesive FLEXCLIP Tab can attach. The options are truly limitless! Additionally, one unique advantage of the FLEXCLIP is that it is thin enough to allow for reverse wireless charging between compatible devices. This means that you can attach any wirelessly charged device (your AirPods, for example) to the back of your compatible phone and charge it on the go directly from your phone using the FLEXCLIP. The Mophie Juice Pack Connect does not allow for reverse wireless charging. One final difference between the FLEXCLIP and the Mophie Juice Pack Connect that is worth mentioning is price point. At $14.95, you can gain all the functionality of the $80 Mophie Juice Pack Connect (and then some) for just a small fraction of the cost. Once again, the FLEXCLIP proves to be the more efficient and economical option. 


Finally, as one of the original adhesive phone grip makers, it’s no surprise that PopSockets was early to jump on the adhesive accessory bandwagon, releasing the PopGrip AirPods Holder in 2019 as a PopSockets brand compatible AirPods case. Unfortunately, the product was met with underwhelming reviews, and its benefits are easily surpassed by those of the FLEXCLIP. The PopGrip AirPods Holder functions exclusively as an AirPods case and is compatible with most (but not all) phones. While it does boast a swappable top allowing the AirPods case portion of the product to be removed and replaced with other PopTops and/or the PopPower Charger, it is primarily compatible only with the proprietary PopSockets brand products, all of which must be purchased separately. Unlike the FLEXCLIP, it is not universally compatible with all accessories (to which adhesive will attach). Similarly to the Mophie Juice Pack Connect, the base to which the PopGrip AirPods Holder connects is only compatible with select products, most of which are owned and sold by the PopSockets brand, unfortunately. Therefore, the PopGrip AirPods Holder simply cannot compete with the versatility offered by the FLEXCLIP’s unlimited interchangeable use cases. The FLEXCLIP does however offer all of the functionality of the PopGrip Airpods Holder, plus some additional advantages. Seeing as the PopGrip Airpods Holder has an additional 6.6 mm of girth over the FLEXCLIP, it is far too thick to allow for reverse wireless charging, while the FLEXCLIP’s petite 2.4 mm design does. Additionally, the PopGrip AirPods Holder retails for $20… still more expensive than the FLEXCLIP’s competitive $14.95 price point, even though it has less to offer the user. 


In conclusion, the FLEXCLIP is a product set to take the cake when it comes to the adhesive phone accessories arena. More than anything, it’s versatility makes it extraordinarily unique as a product that was created to cultivate synergy across an abundance of mobile phones and accessories in order to meet the needs of as many users as possible. It’s a sturdy, reliable, low risk accessory that can easily be removed from your phone if desired and will not damage your expensive technology nor interfere with the use of your favorite products. As the thinnest clip in the world, it has been specifically designed to allow for reverse wireless power transfer amongst a variety of compatible devices, a revolutionary achievement for such a clean and simple design. And finally, at only $14.95 per unit (which includes two FLEXCLIP Bases and two FLEXCLIP Tabs), you really can’t be beat the bang for your buck. Why spend $XXX on multiple separate products when you could buy one simple, streamlined accessory that meets ALL of your needs (and then some) for a small fraction of the price? As a whole, the advantages presented by the FLEXCLIP far exceed those of the competition combined… in functionality, in versatility, and in price. There’s a clear winner in this race, and it’s earned the right to FLEX!

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