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The FLEXclip

As the thinnest plastic clip in the world, it’s designed to conveniently and seamlessly connect your favorite things. Each side has strong adhesive to securely attach to any smooth, clean surface.


Perfect For Phone Accessories

Attach a FLEXclip Tab to virtually any phone accessory and a FLEXclip Base to your phone to make keeping track of your accessories a piece of cake!


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Easily Mix and Match

With the FLEXclip, you don't have to commit to just one kind of phone grip, ring, or kickstand. You can easily interchange accessories to utilize the accessories that best fit your specific needs and circumstances. 

Maybe you love your favorite grip, but hate that it doesn't fit your car phone mount. No problem! With the FLEXclip, simply remove the grip (by sliding the FLEXclip Tab out of the Base). Now your phone will easily fit your car phone mount, and you can reattach your grip when your car ride is over.


Any Accessory, Any Time


Attach dongles and chargers directly to your laptop, and have all of your meeting essentials right at your fingertips. Attach your phone to the back of a tiny clutch purse to free up valuable space. Attach your wallet to your phone, and never misplace your wallet again. Attach your phone to the driver's side car visor to have a hands-free movie screen for long car trips. The uses are limitless! 

2x The Fun In Each Pack


Each FLEXclip package comes with two FLEXclip Bases and two FLEXclip Tabs. So you can enjoy mixing and matching your accessories from the very first purchase.



Thinnest Clip in the World

The FLEXclip Base is less than 3mm thick, and FLEXclip Tab is just 2mm thick and smaller than an SD card.

Designed For Wireless Power

The FLEXclip is uniquely designed to connect two devices and transmit wireless power. 

Strong Holding Adhesive

The strong adhesive used on the FLEXclip is designed to securely attach to surfaces when it’s connected and peel off cleanly when it’s not.

At Your Fingertips

Keep all of your favorite phone accessories easily accessible and right at your fingertips by attaching them to the back of your phone withe FLEXclip.

Infinite Possibilities

The FLEXclip is designed to attach to almost any small object. We encourage our community to FLEX their creativity and show how they are using the FLEXclip on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Use our hashtag! #WhatsYourFLEX

Secure Clip

We spent A LOT of time making sure the FLEXclip’s Base and Tab connect with a satisfying snap and require just the right amount of pressure to unclip.

How It Works

Step 1

Clean the connecting surfaces with provided alcohol wipe.

Step 2

Peel the protective film from the adhesive on the FLEXclip’s Base and Tab.

Step 3

Place adhesive sides of the Base and Tab on connecting surfaces and hold (10 sec).

Step 4

To connect, slide and snap the FLEXclip Tab into the FLEXclip Base.


Connecting What Matters

To You


FLEXclip is proudly produced by SynergyWiz Inc.


SynergyWiz Inc.
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Saint Petersburg, FL 33701


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