The Glider v2.0 for the OneWheel, OneWheel +, and OneWheel + XR is now available for preorder with shipments starting in August 2018.

Original Onewheel Glider: Full $125 (Wheels Only $75)
Onewheel Plus Glider: Full $125 (Wheels Only $75)
Onewheel Plus XR Glider: Full $140 (Wheels Only $85)

Glider v2.0
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Tired of lugging around your OneWheel?
Using your OneWheel to commute around town sounds like a great idea until you realize that you will have to lift and carry the 27lb board once you reach your destination. The Glider allows you to simply grab a fold-out handle and roll your OneWheel like a piece of luggage when riding is no longer an option.

Concerned about your OneWheel nosediving?
The OneWheel is an amazing piece of technology, with a concerning flaw. If you push it just a little too far, the front catches on the ground, instantaneously bringing you from 19 mph (30 kph) to 0 mph.... Ouch! However, when your OneWheel has Glider's wheels facing forward, the wheels catch the ground and not your board; saving your skin, bones, and pride!

The Glider does all this by simply replacing your current OneWheel bumpers. 


What can the Glider do for you?


With the extending handle on one side and the smooth gliding wheels on the other, the Glider makes transporting your OneWheel a breeze. 



With the Glider, you will experience a more confident and safer ride. No longer will you be concerned about the front of the board touching the ground and catapulting you off of it. 

Easy Install

Seamless integration was a design goal from the start. So attaching the Glider is as easy as changing the standard OneWheel bumpers that, unlike the Glider, are made to wear out.



We use the latest in additive manufacturing technology to provide our development team full control over every millimeter of the Glider's design. These recent enhancements in 3D printing have empowered us to deliver a final product with an unprecedented strength and finish.


FreeStanding Design

Whether you are shopping, meeting someone, or just have your hands full, sometimes you could use an extra hand. That is why the Glider stands the OneWheel up vertically all on its own.


The last thing you want is for the handle to drag and catch while cruising, so you can ride with confidence knowing that the Glider's handle is securely stored when not in use.

The Glider v2.0 for the OneWheel, OneWheel +, and OneWheel + XR are available for preorders with shipments starting in August 2018. 

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