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Introducing the
Pod & Reel

Making Clean Convenient

It's Neat

The Pod & Reel's patented design keeps your waste bags neat and tightly by rolling the bags in when they inevitably get loose.


It works with all major waste bag brands, loose bags you have laying around, or bags available at public dispensers.



Accessorize it perfect for you!

The Pod & Reel has hand sanitizer and a FLEXCLIP Base mounting point that allow you to attach any accessory that perfectly fit your lifestyle (a flashlight comes attached by default).

Additional Attachments Include: Personal Alarm, Sunglass Case, Tracker (AirTag, Tile, etc), and so much more! 


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Use Public Bags OR Use Rolls of Bags:

Popular Pod & Reel Attachments:

View the recommended accessories available for purchase at the Pod & Reel store.


Hand Sanitizer

Cleaning up after your dog or baby can be a dirty business. Thankfully you can now always have hand sanitizer ready to go when it is attached to you Pod & Reel. 

* Comes pre-attached with every Pod & Reel.



Cleaning up after your dog at night can be a challenging endeavor when you can't see where you are stepping, or what you are reaching for. However, seeing in the dark is a breeze with the flashlight attached to your Pod & Reel. 



Searching for your leash can be a pain, and it is especially bad when Rex has to go! This will never be a problem again once you attach the tracker of your choice to your Pod & Reel.


Personal Alarm

We all want to feel as safe as possible, and having a personal alarm system attached to your Pod & Reel. Just pull the strap and an extremely loud alarm will sound, alerting everyone in your surroundings to the issue at hand.

Perfect for parents!

Putting diapers in waste bags is a great way to keep the smell down, but the bags themselves are one more thing for the little one to get into. However, with the Pod & Reel, you can keep the bags out of reach of the little one, and keep some hand sanitizer handy to boot!


As a bonus, the Pod & Reel is great for keeping the waste bags handy when parents are on the go! 


What is the FLEXCLIP?

The FLEXCLIP is the thinnest plastic clip ever made, and it is specifically built to attach small accessories. Each Pod & Reel comes with a FLEXCLIP Base. You can then attach any accessory that has a FLEXCLIP Tab, by sliding the FLEXCLIP Tab into the FLEXCLIP Base.

You can purchase accessories with FLEXCLIP Tabs already attached in our store, or get a set of 2x FLEXCLIP Bases and 2x FLEXCLIP Tabs to attach and make your own accessories!

Pod & Reel Features

Reel It In

The Pod & Reel lets you roll loose bags in. This is perfect to keep the bags neat and tighty, and it lets you roll up loose bags around the house or at public waste bag dispencers.  

All Major Waste Bag Brands

We produced and tested countless prototypes to ensure the Pod & Reel works with all major waste bag brands, or you can purchase your waste bags directly from us at a great price!

Thinnest Clips Ever Made

The Pod & Reel comes with a FLEXCLIP Base attached. It is less than 3mm thick, and FLEXCLIP Tabs used to attach accessories are 2mm thick and smaller than an SD card.

Bio-Plastic Materials

The Pod & Reel is made with Bio-Plastics that more easily composite. So you can feel good that your Pod & Reel purchase isn't contributing to the growing plastic waste issue.

Infinite Possibilities

The FLEXCLIP is designed to attach to almost any small object. We encourage our community to FLEX their creativity and show how they are using the FLEXCLIP on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Secure Clip

We spent A LOT of time making sure the FLEXCLIP’s Base and Tab connect with a satisfying snap and require just the right amount of pressure to unclip.


The Pod & Reel and FLEXCLIP are proudly produced by SynergyWiz Inc.


SynergyWiz Inc.
260 1st Ave S Suite 200 #56
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701


Phone: 813.598.8702   /   Email:

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